Creams For Eczema – The Dreaded Steroid Cream

Anyone who has eczema will know that the prescribed medication is steroid cream. Steroid Cream has many side effects as I am sure you are aware if you have been using it. The most important one is that it can thin the skin when used regularly.

The way that a steroid cream works is that it actually hides the eczema, it does not treat the eczema. It just pushes the eczema back in. Eczema needs to be tackled from the top and not disguised. When a person with eczema thinks that the steroid cream has worked and stops using it many people find that the eczema comes Crazy Bulk Reviews back worse than before.

Eczema is really hard to deal with – the itch – it can actually take over your whole life. It can really over-shadow things. If you have a child who is constantly uncomfortable and unable to sleep – you suffer, probably worse than the child (only a parent of an eczema child will understand this). You want to take the nightmare away from them and want to start to be able to watch them do normal things. Or even just to be able to take your eyes off of them for a minute without the knowledge that they will begin to claw themselves until they bleed.

I have had first hand experience with this. Our experience with eczema began when my son was only 6 months old. My heart goes out to any parent who has a child suffering.