How to Compare Football Handicapping Services – 10 Things to Look For When Football Handicapping

So you’re looking for professional help but don’t want to waste your hard earned money on something that won’t get the job done. How do you compare these services and know what works for you?

1) How long have they been around? If a service has been around for longer than 5+ years, then they must be doing something right, and it must mean that they have some good customers to keep business.

2) Do they have a good reputation? Do some research on this. Talk to other bettors and find out if this is a Football Handicapping is a good service or not. You should always trust your gut. If you’re still not sure, listen to the testimonials of others regarding this service.

3) Are they high pressure? Don’t get involved with any high pressure services. If all they do is harass you, then what’s the point in being involved with them? You don’t want someone in your face all the time, violating your time and energy.

4) What’s their betting philosophy? Do they bet on the favorites, or do they bet on the underdog? It’s very important as to how they bet, because this should be in line with how you like to bet. If this Football Handicapping Service is very different from how you like to operate, then its not for you.

5) Do they post their records or hide them? Most services won’t post their records up for all to see. These are the football handicappers that you should be worried about. The one’s that post up good realistic records with testimonials to back them up are what you should look into.

6) Do they provide analysis with each pick? If a service can’t take the time to post an explanation as to why they are making a selection, then they really aren’t worth your money.

7) Do they offer some type of guarantee? Any good Football Handicapping Service would have some type of guarantee. Even though you can’t win all of your bets, a good service would stand behind their picks and be confident.

8) How much do they charge? The costs on these types of services can vary greatly. The main point is that if you win with this service, or lose a lot less than you would have on your own, then this service is worth whatever you are paying.

9) Can I Try Before I Buy? Not all services will allow  ทางเข้า ufabet you to do this but look into seeing if they have any free picks. The free picks will give you a feel for how they analyze, and what types of picks they make.

10) Customer Support? A good Football Handicapping Service should have some type of customer support. If they can’t take care of their customers, how can they take care of you?

Take these tips into consideration when you are looking into selecting a good Football Handicapping