Where to Visit in the North of England

From history, beautiful buildings and landscapes to exciting nightlife and great shopping, the North of England is the perfect place to visit. Two particular gems that should be on your itinerary are Manchester and York.


Manchester is famous for its exciting nightlife. From The Warehouse Projects to That Amazing Thing, Manchester has some of the most popular club nights in the North of England. The nights put on by That Amazing Thing are particularly novel and often have free admission. A variety of music can be heard, from soul music to classics to dance floor techno, bringing together the vivacity of a club atmosphere with the intimacy of a house party.

Manchester is also known for its incredible shopping. The Manchester Arndale is one of the biggest shopping areas in the UK, with over 240 small stores and department stores. Visitors can find anything they may need, from health and beauty to electronics. When all that shopping produces an appetite, visitors to Manchester Ardale can choose from many delicious fast food chains and other restaurants within the shopping centre.

Manchester United is one of the most popular professional, premier league football teams in the UK. When in Trafford, you can visit the Manchester United Museum and Tour Centre. The Old Trafford Tour will give visitors an idea of what the stadium is like for the football legends that have played there. The Museum shows 130 years of the interesting ufabet เว็บออนไลน์อันดับ1 football history of Manchester United. Football fans will find lots of luxury Old Trafford hotels, as well as modest yet nice accommodation options near the stadium.

The Manchester City Football Club is also a very popular premier league football club, playing at the City of Manchester Stadium. Tours of this impressive stadium can be arranged in advance. Tour highlights include seeing the stadium area, Velodrome, the Tennis Centre and much more.